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Go Un-Viral

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

JOIN the COMBAT COVID campaign, and help us save the lives of the voiceless and the vulnerable - beginning with prisoners and their families.

As we adapt to the COVID-19 crisis and its devastating impact on our lives, there also surfaces an opportunity to reconstruct our world for a better now and tomorrow. The American Justice Alliance, International Innovators of Justice, The Can-Do Foundation, The Healing Lives Foundation and AVVAKEND, amongst other organizations, have teamed up for the AVVAKEND COMBAT COVID campaign, which aims to raise awareness and funds to provide personal protective equipment (PPE), face masks, soaps and sanitizers to underrepresented, vulnerable and in-need communities.

Every day, vulnerable people are dying in high-risk, homeless, welfare and prison populations across the country. These communities, undervalued by society and forgotten by the media, are being ravaged by coronavirus due to severe mismanagement, overworked staff and a lack of basic, protective equipment and cleaning products. In prisons, inmates lack access to proper masks, while staff are often entering and leaving prisons without masks, proper questioning or testing, bringing the virus with them to run rampant in a tightly packed environment.

Families of inmates are being kept in the dark. They are no longer allowed to visit their loved ones. They, too, are scared. Many of them are unable to work, support their children, or get access to the proper safety equipment.

This is not a time to wait, this is a time to act. A time to save lives. Help us get PPEs to these at-risk populations with your tax-deductible donation, that will be received specifically for this cause by the American Justice Alliance, and will send a protective "care pack"  to prisoners and their families in Phase I. In Phase II, we will expand to other at-risk and in-need communities.

We ask you to please help us give a voice to the underrepresented and help stop the spread of COVID-19 further.



PPE and hand sanitizer, designed and produced by the strategic alliance between AVVAKEND and several 591(c) charities like the American Justice Alliance ( These will arrive in the form of care packages for prison workers, prisoners and their in-need family members.  Recipients will be chosen through an online registry, which we will create, where in-need prisoners and their family members can apply for assistance and care packages


We will expand to get COVID-19 testing kits to prisons, as well as distributing the packages from Phase 1 to other needy populations such as the homeless, orphanages, and battered women's shelters. The registry will expand to include these populations


Expansion to include those suffering from unemployment and poverty

Who? The Organizations We’ve Partnered With Thus Far

American Justice Alliance was founded in response to the urgent need for a nation-wide mother organization for the falsely accused and wrongfully convicted to find sanctuary, support and relief. They are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, approved by the IRS as a tax-exempt, charitable organization. Their primary purpose is to ensure a fair trial for every defendant in a criminal case.

AVVAKEND: HolisTech Lifestyles, Positivity, Protectivity, Productivity for mind, body and spirit, is a line of organic, ethically-sourced, non-toxic products and apparel. Dedicated to a better future, AVVAKEND provides protective and stylish clothing and body products, inspired by Ayurveda. AVVAKEND will use its connections and resources to provide approved products for us to distribute to these populations. All net profits will be donated to 501(c) charity.

International Innovators is a forum that brings together pioneering think tanks and arranges talks for intelligent activism, technology, policies and laws that are effective real world solutions.

CAN-DO Clemency is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit foundation that advocates Clemency for All Non-violent Drug Offenders.

Healing Lives primary focus was initially to provide higher education for underprivileged young adults to complete university.  Now they also strive to provide certain basics for survival, namely agriculture and basic medical aid.

Why PHASE I starts with Prisons?

“This is a public health crisis that threatens to become a humanitarian disaster", says Mary Bassett (who was the New York City Health Commission) in the New York Times, "COVID-19 is now becoming a threat that takes our system’s inhumanity to a new and even more horrific level: we know that the virus spreads in confined groups with frightening speed and efficiency. In a prison environment, huge numbers will die. Essentially, we are transforming their sentence of incarceration into a sentence to death."


For more information please visit For more facts about COVID-19 and the prison systems please visit and To contact us please visit

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